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Thanksgiving Free Promo and Godzilla

Yesterday was Thanksgiving 2012.  I was over at my brother's house to eat.  There was a bunch of little kids running around.

As I sat at a table wondering when  the food was going to be served, I remembered when I was one of those little kids happy not to be stuck down where the grownups where.  I was able to lounge in my grandparent's bedroom and watch cartoons or even better. . .

. . .Monster movies.

Back in the day Thanksgiving meant the monster movie marathon.  Sometimes it would come on before the day or the day after.

Godzilla.  King Kong.  Mothra.  Lots of  monster vs. monster.

Alas, no more.

I miss monster movie marathons and being able to sneak away to watch t.v. without being seen as an anti-social freak.


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