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Thanksgiving Free Promo and Godzilla

Yesterday was Thanksgiving 2012.  I was over at my brother's house to eat.  There was a bunch of little kids running around.

As I sat at a table wondering when  the food was going to be served, I remembered when I was one of those little kids happy not to be stuck down where the grownups where.  I was able to lounge in my grandparent's bedroom and watch cartoons or even better. . .

. . .Monster movies.

Back in the day Thanksgiving meant the monster movie marathon.  Sometimes it would come on before the day or the day after.

Godzilla.  King Kong.  Mothra.  Lots of  monster vs. monster.

Alas, no more.

I miss monster movie marathons and being able to sneak away to watch t.v. without being seen as an anti-social freak.


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The Walking Dead - WTH?!

I've named this blog - Geeklicious but haven't been geeking it up much.  I came up with the brilliant idea to use that name in one of my so-called 'creative' moments - it may change - i dunno.

I feel a little odd usually, cuz sometimes I feel like I have a twelve year old boy trapped inside me.  Not in a transgender way, mind you.  In a I LOVE all action-adventure-sci-fi-fantasy-warrior-battle-stuff blowing up kind of way. A movie ain't a movie unless there's at least one explosion imo. 

Chick flicks and romance makes me wanna barf.

Not too many women I know share this opinion.

In fact, I got really pissed off at the second Twilight movie.  The stupid trailer made it looked action packed but it had one freakin' scene featuring action and that Stewart girl with her mouth hanging open all the time.  Don't know what I mean about her mouth hanging open? 

Like this:                                                  And this:                                              And this:

Guess that's supposed to be sexy.

Anyway I digress . . .


The shock has worn off but I'm still reeling about Sunday's 11/3 episode. 

They killed off T-Dog.

First his woman gets killed off in season one.

Then he had about four lines throughout season two. 

And now just barely into season three, the man gets killed off ?  He went out valiantly but c'mon!  Virgil gets his leg zombie bitten and chopped off and he lives? 

The only reason why I'm not really up in arms is because Lori bit the dust too.  But she kinda had it coming.  Last season she spent most of her time either pressuring Rick, sending mixed messages to Shane, or manipulating Rick to do something about Shane. 

However, was Lori dead when Carl shot her in the head?  Ok - I get it -C-section, lots of blood, she passes out.  But we never saw the women die.  I guess Carl and Maggie were being proactive.  A proactive bullet to the brain.

Oh and just because they find Carol's head wrap - she's automatically dead?  Hello, how about a body or the left-overs of one?  I wonder how long she's going to be running around the prison by her lonely.

Anyway, was happy to hear on Talking Dead IronE Singleton has another TV acting gig coming up soon. 

Why was his name T-Dog?  What was his real name?  How did he come to join the group?  -  I would love to see these things explored in some flashbacks.

Michonne is supposed to be this bad-ass character.  So far, she's done nothing but scowl and utter monosyllables and one-liners.  Will this change, or will this character be neglected . . .like T-Dog?

Be Well.